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Okay, this might not be lyrics, which is what you’re here for, but this is something I think everyone needs to see.

Note from the Mods: Keep your heads up guys! Things are gonna look up. Don’t let the big bad world get you down. Listen to music, drink your favorite drink, read a book, play a game, watch a movie, be proud that you got up. You are special. You are needed. 

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Behold! My new baby. It sounds incredibly if you look past the frequent dropping out of sound due to bad wiring. This is a Belorusia solo (II?) and it’s just the bees knees. It’s even got built in fuzz and phaser. Yeah. Fcking Russians and their whacked out military hardware inside this thing. This was made back in the 80s and from what little I’ve played it sounds like it can pull off some of the weirdest tones. Idk man I need to post a video or something

Right Ladies

There’s a new mod in town and he’s gonna be getting this blog up and running once more with a little help with the old admin, my lady frien. There’s gonna be a big change in the genres posted on here, so be ready for a wave of old psychobilly and blues rock for now, but I listen refresh my music every month or so. Be prepared!

Edit: Daemon here. Don’t worry about the changes in genre! I’ll still regularly post the things I know You wanna here. Feel free to drop suggestions in our ask!

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